ASAP Travelwize assists clients applying Visa for the People's Republic of China (wef: July 1st, 2011)

Why stand in line for hours waiting for your visa? One mistake in your paperwork can lead to a frustrating experience. Let us wait in line for you and process your important documents.

1.     Complete the application form-V.2013 (4 pages).  Form has to be printed clearly; no hand-written format will be accepted by the Consulate.  (ASAP Travelwize can assist you to print the form, if you have no access to type it out.)

2.     One recently taken 2X2 in. photo showing entire face and without a hat on. Please affix the photo to the application form.

3.     Original passport with at least 2 blank visa pages and valid for at least 6 months beyond the date of application.

4.     Apply China Tibet Visa need approval notice from China Tibet Tourism Bureau is required if you intend to travel to the Tibet Autonomous Region (Telephone number for the Tourism Bureau: 86-891-6834313, fax number: 86-891-6834632).

5.     An applicant born in China who is applying for a Chinese visa with his or her new foreign passport is required to submit his or her Chinese passport or last foreign passport.

6.     A child of Chinese descent and born in foreign country who applies for a Chinese visa for the first time is required to submit his or her Birth Certificate and foreign passport or foreign permanent resident permit (e.g. Green Card) of one of his or her parents.

7.     Non-US passport bearers shall provide documents valid for at least 6 months that entitle them to reside or work for an extended period of time in the US(together with their copies).

8.     Tourists to China shall provide round trip air tickets and hotel reservation (together with their copies).

9.     Applicants visiting friends or family members shall provide round trip air tickets and certificates of kinship or invitation letter (together with their copies).

10.   U.S citizens with passports valid for at least 12 months may apply for multi-entry tourist visas for 12 months.

11.   Former Chinese Visa records ( if any, together with their copies).

12.   Other files consuls request.

Mail your original Passport, one photo, Application form, and fee (not include return postage fee) to ASAP Travelwize.

Check written to: ASAP Travelwize       Mail to: 9400 Bellaire Blvd., Unit 207, Houston, TX 77036

Tourist visas are generally issued to applicants who intend to visit China for sightseeing, visiting family or friends.

Tourist and Visiting Visa fees and processing time for US Citizens
(effective: 15th March, 2015)
Number of Entry
  US Citizens
Our Service fee
 Total Charge
 Single Entry or Double Entries
Multiple Entries for 6 Months or more
Multiple Entries for 120 Months (10 years)
The regular processing time is 4 – 5 working days.  For express service, additional fees of $30 for 1 working day processing, and $20 for 2-3 working days processing will be charged.

The regular processing time is 4 – 5 working days. For express service, additional fees of $50 for 1 working day processing, and information must be received before 10:00am (Since 2014, Chinese Consulate – Houston office has stopped express service until further noticeand a $30 fee for 2-3 working days processing will be charged.

申 請 中 國 簽 証 所 需 文 件


1、 護照正本有效期6个月以上(自递交申请之日起),有空白签证页的护照正本;




  •   申请多次探亲/旅游签证需提供需多次赴华探亲/旅游的书面说明请务必如实、完整地填写申请表格各项内容;填写不实或漏填或字迹不清楚,都可能导致拒签或延误旅行。
Please print out page 4 (found below) and sign the middle of page 4; you may leave the rest to our agency to complete for you.